Since 1870 Homefield has been renowned for its academic success and family atmosphere. A safe and happy environment, with a real depth of specialist teaching ensures the fulfilment of our boys’ individual potential. We offer a truly cosmopolitan school, our rich diversity a real strength. A great education should be aimed at knowledge and skill, but also character so that our boys not only ‘do well’ but ‘do good’: This is our mission.

Our academic success and scholarship rates are exceptional. At Homefield we produce well-rounded boys who go on to some of the very best senior schools in the country. Personal interests and passions are cultivated; whether they are artistic, linguistic, sporting or social.

We challenge our boys and are very ambitious for each and every one of them. These expectations are not around undue pressure to pass exams. We encourage a young 'renaissance man’, that enlightened individual who "can do all things if he will". Depth and breadth are baked into our mix, all the way from our early years right up to our teenage boys. ‘Creative’ subjects, like music flourish, but so do creative mind-sets and attitudes toward learning, questioning, toward being inquisitive and inventive.

As a charitable trust since the 1960s, a keen sense of civic and community responsibility is important to us. From an early age, our boys learn what good citizenship looks like. We believe that positive values influence character and attitude. In the 21st century it's more important than ever for our boys to feel rooted within a strong moral community and to benefit from being part of a bigger picture. They will make loyal friends here who, we hope, will stay by their side for life.

If our website is your first experience of Homefield Preparatory School, then let me extend a warm invitation for you to make a personal visit to meet us. This is by far the best way to discover all that our school has to offer. Come and talk to the boys, I am forever delighted by their energy, joy and compassion.


Mr John Towers


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